The Journey to Discovering Me.


I have always known that I was adopted. Even though being taken from my birth mother occurred at such a young age, I never forgot any of it. As I have endured every piece and part of it, God has given me an opportunity to not only be apart of it but also a keen spirit of awareness while going through it. This awareness has allowed me to revisit these moments in my past and find areas to learn and grow from for my future.

I had the opportunity to meet my birth mother when she was incarcerated. My mother had aids and also suffered with a drug addiction. Unfortunately, she could never get her life together. Although we wrote letters while she was incarcerated, I was busy just trying to build a relationship and get to know her that I never had a chance to ask her about my birth father. My mother passed away in 2002.  Just two short weeks after being released from jail. Although she was home for two weeks, my first time laying eyes on her was at her funeral.

During the planning of the funeral many of her old friends came around to share their condolences. I had no desire to be apart of any drama until my cousin called me one evening to tell me that she overheard one of my mothers friends mention that my birth fathers name was Todd Choice. He went on to state that Todd moved to Bridgeport, CT from South Carolina. He loved my mother dearly, and my mother loved him. When they found out that my mother was pregnant, he married her immediately and moved her down south to his hometown to get her away from the fast life of Bridgeport. Unfortunately, after some time my mother grew tired of the slow, country life and decided to go back home. She left my father and told him that she was having an abortion. Upon arriving back to Bridgeport, she quickly resumed her normal life of drugs, but never had an abortion.

This story immediately awakened a desire within me to locate my birth father. I asked my mothers family on numerous times if they had any information that could assist me in my search, but no one knew anything except his name.  I searched his name on Social media, white pages, and vital statistics for years, but with no date of birth or additional information, I constantly hit dead ends.

In 2016, my daughters God mother reached out to me and asked for whatever information I had on both my parents. She had signed up for Ancestry DNA and hadn’t gotten far with her family’s search so she was going to search for mine. I proceeded to give her all the information I had and went on with my evening. A few hours later she called me back and said she had found some information and would come by the next day to show me what she found. When she arrived the next day she showed me that she had located the date of marriage for my parents. Now that I had that information I could do a true search at Bridgeport Vital Statics. The next day I contacted Vital Statistics and gave them the new found information. They immediately confirmed that they in deed have an official marriage certificate on file.

This page is dedicated to my search. It will feature my real, raw feelings as I embark on this journey. I’m not sure where it will lead or how it will end but I do know that God’s hands is completely orchestrating this journey and I wholeheartedly trust the work of his hands, they have never failed me.

The Ancestry DNA Test.

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