There is this women in the Bible, unfortunately the scriptures doesn’t provide us with her name, but trust me she is important and by the end of this post you’ll know what to call her. For 18 years, her body had been crippled. Imagine that, Eighteen long, exhausting years.

One day she heard the voice of God in a crowd. She couldn’t see his face, but she could hear his voice, clearly.

She wasn’t able to stand up straight and strained to get a good glimpse of Him. Then, unexpectedly, He called her forward. I’m sure as she walked toward him her mind was racing and she was probably nervous that he may embarrass her due to her brokenness or worried that he may expose her deepest pain and darkest secrets.

Despite her fears and the murmurs of the crowd of people, she came forward. As she stood before Jesus, she could feel his compassion for her. Jesus loved and wanted to heal her. And in one swift statement, those 18 long, exhausting years came to an end.

“Woman, you are set free from your infirmity” (Luke 13:12)

With the gentle touch of His hands, warmth flowed through her body, and she suddenly realized she was standing straight up. God became her healer. Her bondage breaker. She had an opportunity to start over.

Do you realize that God offers us the same opportunity? We get to Start Over. It doesn’t matter that this year you have experienced your greatest shame or even that the last 18 years have left you an entire MESS. God is saying that he is offering you a chance to Start Over, with a clean slate, and you DESERVE it. It’s already yours.

God is saying “(Insert Your Name here), you are set free from your infirmity”. An infirmity is not just an illness, it’s also a failing or defect in a person’s character. So that thing you have been carrying around, the shame, guilt, depression, that infirmity, you are set free from it. If God isn’t holding you hostage then why allow anyone else that Power over your life. START OVER. TODAY. Walk in to 2018 with your head held high, and your crown straight. Your a Queen 👑

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