Distress or Destiny in Disguise

This year has been quite defining for me. Through the various in and outs of life God is forcing me to define the relationships that I have held dear to my heart. Are they valuing my life or devaluing my worth. It’s been tough but it’s been necessary for my destiny as a wife, a mother, a child, a sibling, a friend but most importantly as a Christian. What i have learned this year is that Our destiny begins in the desert, but too often we avoid the desert, resent the desert, and isolate ourselves in the desert.

The struggle is what helps us build convictions and bond in relationships. The most internally weak, disconnected, and detached Christians are those who are unwilling to go through the struggle.

Whatever you’ve gone through over the past several years has not been in vain—it’s been God preparing you for a greater purpose. Hold on and stay focused. Troubles won’t and don’t last always!

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