A few weeks ago I was given this bracelet by my aunt. It wasn’t until today that I really took a minute to read and meditate on what it said, “MY STORY IS NOT OVER YET”. 

To most that statement is nothing new. We’ve seen it before, heard it before, and most have even said it before, but for me, it was another whisper from God that he STILL has not left my side.

See, the aunt that gave me this mantra bracelet not only knows my story, but God used her as an important piece to my story.  She is the only person alive who knows who I’m named after. My aunt was actually in the cell with my birth mom and listened as she spoke about her twins that had been taken from her and placed up for adoption. My aunt knew where those twins had been placed, in the home of her sister, miles away, on the other side of CT. 

It was my aunt who called her sister and urged her to allow my birth mom to meet us. It’s been my aunt who has encouraged me through the years and reminded me that I needed to win inorder for my birth moms purpose to not be in vain. 

Today I needed this reminder. MY STORY IS NOT OVER YET. Thank you auntie for always knowing my heart. 

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