Dear Lost Me.

Dear Lost me,
There was a time when your past held you hostage, Bitterness, anger, and hurt were your best friends. By being a product of the foster care and adoption system, many counted you out. You were never meant to be more than a statistic.
But then God decided to give you a glimpse of yourself through his eyes. You had to see, that others needed you to not only live through it, but to conquer it. Your victory will be the one thing that causes someone else to survive.
You are now thankful for your past, and amazed at your own story. God has given you an opportunity to serve him. He knows you will do your best job when you are not broken. So he allows you to pour yourself out unto others and proclaim your thankfulness unto him. He chooses to send you peek a boo blessings to strength your faith.
What he has done so far is no watch to what he is about to do.

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