A Jailhouse Message from a Jailhouse Messenger.

In 2006 I was summoned to appear in court for an old warrant. I had bounced a check and hadn’t paid it, so the store chose to press charges, drastic right?? Needless to say, I was driving home one day in Hartford from work, and got pulled over. The officer made me aware of a warrant for my arrest. The warrant was for Fairfield, CT, so when after they booked me at the Hartford police station they then transferred me to Fairfield. I was let go on a promise to appear. About 2 days later, I was pulled over again for the same warrant. Apparently the system was never updated, so again I was arrested, this time in Orange, CT and then transferred to Fairfield, CT. After processing me, I was let go on the same promise to appear. The very next day I was pulled over yet again in Hartford. This time they didn’t book me or even handcuff me. They just drove me straight to Fairfield. At this point I’m saying this is a joke. Fortunately my court date was the next day.

The next day, I wake up, get Jamir ready and he, my cousin and myself all drive to Bridgeport for my court date. Now, if you are from Bridgeport you know that the court house is ALWAYS packed. You can literally sit in there ALL day waiting for your name to be called. I walked into the court house about 10 minutes after the start of court and my name was called immediately. I walk to the front and the judge says, “Ms. Mayfield, since this is the 2nd time that your name has been called, you are now being reprimanded to the State of Connecticut department of Corrections”. I was literally in shock, it happened so fast I thought I was being punked. It wasn’t until the marshals began placing cuffs on my wrist did I realize this was real. As they are taking me away I tell my cousin to call my then boyfriend, who was all the way in New York so he could bail me out. When I get to the back of the court house I convinced one of the marshals to bring my phone to my cousin so she could make the call.

So now I am sitting in the cell of the court house. I’m surrounded by all types of females. For some reason I wasn’t scared. I wasn’t nervous, I was just aware. About 2 hours go by and I’m still sitting there. The marshal that I convinced to bring my phone to my cousin comes down and checks on me. I knew he liked me so of course I figure I’d use it to my advantage to get updates on the status of me getting out. He lowers his voice and says, “don’t worry, if your cousin doesn’t come up with your bail money, I’ll give it to her so she can bail you out before they ship you to Niantic, the women’s prison”. Niantic? wait a minute, now this is really real, I’m about to go to Niantic. Who’s going to keep my son?, what about my job? Those were only some of the questions racing through my mind now. As I sat back down on the bench I must of looked scared because one of the women came over to me and started assuring me that I would be okay.

The women proceeded to ask me my name. I told her my name was Sana. “Sana, hmmm, that name sounds familiar. You actually look familiar”. Then she says, ‘what’s your mothers name?” I told her my birth mothers name because there was no way she would have known my adopted mother. “My mother’s name is Alexis, well everyone calls her …..” “Tu-Tu” she says at the same time I said it. She then turns to the other ladies and says “Hey ya’ll, guess who’s daughter this is? This is Tu-Tu’s daughter”. Suddenly I am surrounded by about 6 women. They began telling me how my mother used to always talk about my brother and I. She hoped that we were in a good place and lived a good life. I sat there in tears as these jailhouse women began to pour into me. They weren’t speaking bible verses, they just told me all the hopes my mother had for my life. That she didn’t want me to turn out like her. How she PRAYED for me every night before it was lights out. They couldn’t believe how much I looked like her.

Before I knew it, the marshal was calling my name. My cousin had gotten in touch with my boyfriend and he wired her the bail money from New York. As I was leaving the ladies made me promise to succeed. “Be everything your mother wanted you to be”. Those words really hit me. As I rode home that day from Bridgeport my mind began to think about everything I was currently doing in my life. The clubs I went to, the guys I chose to be with, the clothes I had no business wearing. It was time for me to right these sins. This life was not the life God intended for me to live. I then began to reflect on the week I had. God had to put me in some bad situations so he could sit me still. He had a plan, a purpose for every minute of my life.

The judge thought she was punishing me for a crime, but the word of God says, “Don’t be afraid. Am I in the place of God? You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good.” Genesis 50:19b-20a(NIV).

God can reverse, restore, revive, and renew. Be on the lookout for His plans that are already in motion right now, even in the midst of your difficult time. Trust Him. He can take any circumstance and use it for your good and His glory.

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